How does Craig Gillespie frame reflection?

This is one scene from a film that’s two hours long. How could the film possibly be about mirrors? Well, director, Mike Nichols, once said, “Great film is often about something…and something else,” and I, Tonya is a great film.

Ever since I heard Nichols’ summation of film, my entire thought process towards movies has been recontextualized. While it’s easy to only see I, Tonya as a biopic about a misunderstood ice skater, we’d be remiss to not identify the complementary story that it’s visuals reveal.

In almost every scene off the ice, Tonya becomes a heavy bag, the…

Mike Nichols’ masterful film, The Graduate, gives us insight into an imperative film philosophy

I’m disappointed. It’s been I don’t know how many days since I made a complete post. Maybe seventeen, eighteen? Didn’t expect it but I’ve run into a few dilemmas…nothing serious.

However, I’ve still been watching one film a day, I just haven’t had the time to write, but I’ll most likely revisit some of these films. I’ve really missed writing.

Here’s an idea of what I’ve been watching the past few weeks:

Today, we look at Vin Diesel’s Multi-Facial

Use every part of the buffalo

Not a film. Just a common phrase that Brad Bird posted on a marquee at Pixar Studios while making The Incredibles. It seems fitting.

Today, I’m making ramen. Since, that involves roasting and simmering leftover chicken bones (I don’t have any pork!) for at least five hours, I’ll be in the kitchen all day. Really wish I had some tenderloin. Instead, I’m using chuck tender roast for protein.

While I’m in the kitchen, I figured I’d return to short films. It’s less distracting than pausing a film every twenty minutes to check or skim…

zay watkins

film student and sound creator, BA English & Film Studies UWM, 2020.

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